Local Government Committee – Week 15, 2021


HF 527 – Amending agreements regarding land record information system

HF 527 alters how Iowa counties can amend contracts with the Iowa County Land Record Information System (also known as Iowa Land Records). Since 2005, counties have entered into 28E agreements with Iowa Land Records and the Iowa County Recorders Association, a private organization, to execute all contracts for an online property records repository. After the State Auditor’s office raised concerns about a private organization performing a duty normally done by a public entity, the bill was drafted to remove the requirement the Iowa County Recorders Association execute the contracts and to give county supervisors the authority to amend the original 28E agreements.
[4/21: 46-0 (Excused: Mathis, Nunn, Schultz, Whiting)]

HF 765 – Assessors’ Notices Electronically

HF 765 allows Assessor’s information to be provided electronically or by e-mail if someone registers for that service.
[4/21: 46-0 (Excused: Mathis, Nunn, Schultz, Whiting)]