State Government Committee – Week 14, 2021


SF 424 – Apprenticeship and certain professional licensure requirements

SF 424 deals with licensure and completion of apprenticeship programs. It requires licensing boards in 272C.1 to grant a license to a person who completes an apprenticeship program that meets federal requirements. Licensing boards may impose the same exams and fees for apprenticeship applicants as those who completed an educational program. It prohibits a board from requiring an applicant to complete more hours of apprenticeship training than the number of hours of education required in an educational program. The bill does not change the provisions for apprenticeship programs for licenses for electricians and electrical contractors or for plumbers, mechanical professionals and contractors.

A Senate amendment adds that the bill also does not apply to fire extinguishing and alarm systems contractors or fire protection system installers.

The bill takes effect January 1, 2022.
[4/13: 46-0 (Excused: Hogg, Lofgren, Nunn, Rozenboom)]