Natural Resources Committee – Week 19, 2021


HF 234 – Lifetime trout fishing stamp for people over 65

HF 234 directs the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to establish a lifetime trout fishing stamp for people over 65. Iowans over 65 are already eligible to purchase a lifetime fishing license. A trout stamp is required to fish trout. Under the bill, those with a lifetime fishing license can have a lifetime trout stamp as well, instead of having to purchase the stamp each year.
[5/17: 45-0 (Absent: Goodwin, Johnson, Nunn, Schultz, Williams)]

HF 551 – Non-ambulatory deer hunters: Allowed methods of take

HF 551 would restore regulations for the allowed methods of take by non-ambulatory hunters to how regulations existed prior to rule changes following legislation passed in 2019. The bill will allow non-ambulatory hunters to use methods of take that are not approved for general hunters during the designated season. Non-ambulatory hunters are paralyzed from the chest down, which greatly limits the types of weapons they can effectively and safely use.

The Senate approved a committee amendment to strike a part of the bill that would have maintained the method of take restrictions for the bow season. The amendment strikes that section because that restriction was not in place before the recent rule change.
[5/17: 45-0 (Absent: Goodwin, Johnson, Nunn, Schultz, Williams)]