Education Committee – Week 2, 2021


SSB 3002 – Technical changes to disbursement funds for computer science professional development

SSB 3002 makes technical changes to the disbursement of funds for the computer science profession development incentive fund.  Current law authorizes the Department of Education to award grants to school districts, accredited nonpublic schools and area education agencies to provide professional development activities and tuition reimbursement for teachers in the area of computer science education.  The bill will allow recipients of a grant to receive moneys for expenses incurred during grant award fiscal year through September 30 of the following year.  The bill applies to grants from the fund on or after the effective date of the bill.
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SSB 3004 – Vaccination requirements for child care centers, elementary or secondary schools

SSB 3004 relates to vaccinations required for any licensed child care center, or elementary or secondary school.  SSB 3004 says only the State Board of Health may require additional immunizations on or after July 1, 2022, for enrollment in any licensed child care center or elementary or secondary school. Any new requirements for immunizations would still be subject to medical or religious exemptions. The bill also requires this policy to be applied uniformly throughout the state and shall supersede and preempt any local legislation adopted by a local governmental entity that would require other immunizations of children for enrollment in a licensed child care center or elementary or secondary school.

There is currently both medical and religious exemptions to vaccination requirements in Iowa law. There is also a provision of current law that says these exemptions do not need to be applied in times of a public health emergency or epidemic as determined by the State Board of Health. The bill strikes this provision and says both medical and religious exemptions shall be exemptions during any future public health/pandemic. The committee adopted an amendment to strike some redundant language and was adopted unanimously. 
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SSB 3005 – Parental Notification of physical exams and health screenings

SSB 3005 prohibits school districts from administering an invasive physical exam of a student, or a student health screening that is not required by state or federal law, unless the school district has acquired the written consent of the student’s parent/guardian. The bill does not prohibit a school district from conducting health screenings in emergent care situations or cooperating in a child abuse assessment. This bill does not apply to accredited non-public school students. A committee amendment was unanimously adopted to include public school charters in these requirements.
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