Judiciary Committee – Week 7, 2022


SF 2295 – Code Editor’s Bill (substantive)
[2/22: 49-0 (Absent: Hogg)]


SF 2296 – Exception to search warrant requirements for garbage

SF 2296 states that citizens have no reasonable expectation of privacy for garbage in publicly accessible areas. Political subdivisions may only regulate waste management and sanitation for public health and cleanliness. There is no reasonable expectation of privacy. Peace officers may search garbage without a search warrant.

In a 4-3 decision last year, the Iowa Supreme Court held that an Iowa citizen has a reasonable expectation of privacy in trash placed outside the home in opaque bags in jurisdictions where it is illegal for anyone but sanitation workers to handle their garbage. The dissent noted that this put Iowa’s constitutional protection standards above the standards for the 4th Amendment.
[COMMITTEE 2/15: short form; 2/22: 49-0 (Absent: Zaun)]

SF 2297 – Disqualifying felons on probation and registered sex offenders from jury service

SF 2297 disqualifies felons under the supervision of the Department of Corrections, Judicial District Department of Correctional Services or Board of Parole from serving on a jury. It also disqualifies registered sex offenders from serving on a jury.
[2/23: 48-0 (Absent: Zumbach, Zaun)]