Transportation Committee – Week 4, 2022


SF 330– Hands-free mode while driving

SF 330 requires electronic communication to be hands-free while driving. A person can only use the device during a complete stop and off the roadway. Failure to use hands-free would result in a $45 fine, and is a moving violation, which can be considered for administrative suspension of driver’s licenses. However, peace officers will issue only warnings from the effective date of the bill until January 1, 2023.

The legislation allows the court to impose increased fines and to suspend a driver’s license if the violation resulted in serious injury or loss of life. For serious injury, the court could impose a $500 additional fine or driver’s license suspension for 90 days, or both. If the violation causes a death, the additional fine could be $1,000 or suspension of the driver’s license for 180 days, or both.

Exemptions for the hands-free requirement include a member of a public safety agency; health care professionals en route to an emergency; and a person sending or receiving safety related information, including emergency, weather or traffic alerts.
[1/27: short form (Excused: Lykam)]

SSB 3001 – Wrecked or salvage vehicles

SSB 3001 allows an owner of a wrecked or salvaged vehicle to apply for and be issued a regular certificate of title without repairing cosmetic damage. Cosmetic damage means dents, paint chips, scratches, and hail or wind damage. Under current law, a vehicle is considered to be wrecked or damaged when the cost of repairs exceeds 70% of the fair market value of the vehicle.
[1/27: 8-4, party line (Excused: Lykam)]

SSB 3049 — Airport registration and site approval

SSB 3049 is a Department of Transportation bill that removes out-of-date language on airport traffic patterns since the FAA has become the authority on airspace. The bill also removes redundant and outdated site approval for new airports.
[1/27: short form (Excused: Lykam)]