Education Committee – Week 9, 2022


SF 2291 – Para-educator emergency rules

SF 2291 extends the Governor’s declaration allowing a certified para-educator with a substitute authorization to substitute in any PreK-12 classroom, except a driver’s education classroom. Schools must look for official substitutes before pulling a para-educator away from their primary job or special needs child. A para-educator who substitutes must be paid the district going rate for a substitute while they are doing that work.

The Senate conformed to the House version of the bill, requiring the para-educator to be paid at whichever rate is higher. The Board of Educational Examiners (BOEE) will adopt emergency rules to implement the bill. This is better than their current emergency, which doesn’t include safeguards. The bill takes effect upon enactment and only extends the para-educator substitute authorization through the end of this school year.
[3/8: 47-0 (Excused: Hogg, Kinney, Dickey)]

SF 2357 – School board meeting rules

SF 2357 requires all regular and special meetings of a school board to be held in person. A member of the board must vote “yea” or “nay” on all matters before the board unless the member has a conflict of interest. The bill takes effect upon enactment.
[3/8: 48-0 (Excused: Hogg, Dickey)]