State Government Committee – Week 8, 2022


SF 2022– Allowing the practice of cosmetology and barbering in a home

SF 2022 would allow a licensed cosmetologist or a licensed barber to practice outside of a licensed establishment as long as the location is the home of the customer. The Board of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences and the Board of Barbering will adopt rules for practice at a home location.

The law currently prohibits the practice of cosmetology and barbering by a licensee outside of a licensed establishment, with the exception of barbering, which is allowed under extenuating circumstances arising from the physical or mental disability or death of a customer.

The Senate adopted an amendment on the floor that added additional changes to the practice of barbering and cosmetology outside an establishment. Under the amendment, the licensee can practice at locations other than the establishment or the client’s home, such as funeral homes or wedding venues. Additionally, the bill extends the mobile establishment provisions for a barbershop to salons.
[2/28: 45-0 (Absent: Carlin, Hogg, J. Taylor, Zaun, Zumbach)]

SF 2193 – Cognitive screenings by speech pathologist and audiologists

SF 2193 would authorize certified audiologists or speech pathologists to administer specified cognitive screenings and then refer the patient to an appropriate health care provider for further evaluation. This would add the ability to perform cognitive screenings to the scope of practice for these professions. The types of cognitive screenings that can be administered by certified audiologists and speech pathologists are those outlined in the rulemaking process.

This change had been proposed by the Board of Speech Pathology and Audiology through the administrative rulemaking process. The rulemaking was initiated by the board based on the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association recognizing cognitive screenings as within their scope of practice. Generally, scope of practice changes for licensed health care professionals is done through legislation, not by the recommendation of the licensing board.
[2/28: 45-0 (Absent: Carlin, Hogg, J. Taylor, Zaun, Zumbach)]

HF 2373 – Restrictions regarding companies that boycott Israel

HF 2373 would change the state’s existing law regarding companies that boycott Israel. Under the bill, a company subject the restrictions would be a wholly-owned subsidiary, majority-owned subsidiary, parent company or affiliate of such business or business entity, rather than any business entity as a whole.

Under current law, public investment funds in the state of Iowa cannot invest in publicly traded companies that are boycotting Israel. If a company is found to be involved in a boycott of Israel, the public fund must divest its holding in that company.
[2/28: 40-5 (No: Bisignano, Bolkcom, Celsi, Kinney, Petersen; Absent: Carlin, Hogg, J. Taylor, Zaun, Zumbach)]