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2:30 PM
SSB 1199Voter suppression
Apparently frightened by the record turnout for the 2020 general election in our state, Iowa Senate Republicans want more voter-suppression measures.

Despite Iowa’s fraud-free election in November, Sen. Roby Smith and his fellow Senate Republicans continue to shout “election fraud” and pass nasty, anti-democratic legislation.

Senate Study Bill 1199 would discourage voting by:
• Making it illegal for a friend or neighbor to deliver your ballot to the county auditor’s office.
• Dramatically cutting the number of early voting days by more than a third. Why do they hate early voting?
• Prohibiting prefilled information, such as the voter’s name and mailing address, on ballot request forms mailed to citizens.
• Intensifying efforts to kick people off voting rolls, including hiring third parties.
• Allowing only one ballot drop box per county.
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