Statement on latest privatized Medicaid contracts

July 10, 2019 Senate Staff 0

Gov. Reynolds has again agreed to give the MCOs the largest dollar increases for Medicaid in the last decade. The publicly managed Medicaid system grew at an average of 5% each year over a 10-year period before privatization. Last year, the increase was 8.4%. The increase announced today is a whopping 8.6%!

More problems for Iowa health care | Sign our petition

April 2, 2019 Senate Staff 0

On Friday, we learned that UnitedHealthcare is leaving Iowa’s managed care program. UnitedHealthcare currently is the MCO for over 70 percent of Iowans on Medicaid. That means 425,000 Iowans will again have their health care disrupted, as they are forced to switch insurance companies. This could put our most vulnerable in life or death situations.

Democratic Senators announce Medicaid Improvement Bill

February 14, 2019 Senate Staff 0

Governor Reynolds and legislative Republicans are sticking with privatized Medicaid. Given that, our focus is making urgently needed improvements. We are proposing large and small improvements to how privatized Medicaid serves Iowa families and healthcare providers.