Senator Pam Jochum

Pam Jochum was elected to the Iowa House in 1992 and the Iowa Senate in 2008. She represents Senate District 36, encompassing the city of Dubuque and portions of Dubuque County. 

Senator Jochum serves as Iowa Senate Democratic Leader.

Born and raised in Dubuque, Pam Jochum knows what matters to those who live and work in the area, and is respected for her ability to build coalitions that get things done for Dubuque and Iowa.

Among her many accomplishments, Senator Jochum has played a leading role in expanding affordable health insurance coverage to thousands of working Iowans and has stood up for citizens with disabilities to protect their health services when the Governor privatized Iowa’s Medicaid system. Her support for and commitment to education has been unwavering. She has worked to expand early childhood education and ensure affordable higher education, whether at a state university, a private college or a community college. Her influence is evident throughout Iowa law—from historic reforms in Iowa’s commercial property taxes and revitalizing manufacturing to nationally acclaimed legislation in ethanol production, wind energy, solar energy and flood mitigation programs. Furthermore, through Pam’s persistent work for more than five years, our state now has the Iowa Public Information Board to ensure government transparency and access to public information and records.

Pam learned the value of a hard-day’s work from her parents. She graduated at the top of her class at Wahlert High School and Loras College. She worked as an administrator at Loras College, and also worked at an insurance agency, Legal Aid, and a financial services company before running for public office.

Because of her strong advocacy and efforts to improve the lives of Iowans, Senator Jochum has received honors from the League of Cities, Firefighters Association, child advocacy organizations, Freedom of Information Council, physical therapists, physician assistants, pharmacists, Iowa Hospital Association, Iowa Caregivers, Iowa Health Care Association, League of Women Voters, the Dubuque Chamber of Commerce, labor unions, Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and many more.

Pam serves on the following committees:

Contact Senator Jochum at 563-556-6530 and or follow her on social media.

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