2014 Session Successes – UPDATED

This year, we built on efforts to provide greater economic security for Iowa families by standing up for workers and investing in skills training, job creation and the best educational opportunities from preschool through college. We did it all while balancing the state budget without raising taxes. Iowa is expected to have a budget surplus of about $881 million when this fiscal year ends on June 30. We also have $650 million in our reserve funds, the largest amount in state history.

Does Iowa’s Medical Cannabidiol Act Pose a Legal Risk for Families?

Does Iowa’s Medical Cannabidiol Act Pose a Legal Risk for Families? Research paper by the Iowa Senate Democratic Staff   Iowa’s Medical Cannabidiol Act is intended to provide legal protections to Iowa families seeking cannabidiol (CBD), a non-intoxicating oil made from cannabis, for the treatment of intractable epilepsy. This medicine can dramatically improve the quality of […]

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Home Base: Medical Cannabis Interim Committee

Committee recommends that Iowa develop legislation that will produce, process, and dispense medical cannabis without taxing it and also recommends that cannabis be moved from a schedule one to a schedule two drug.

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Are Iowa families being helped by Iowa’s medical cannabis law as intended?

 September 11, 2014 Are Iowa families being helped by Iowa’s medical cannabis law as Gov. Branstad and the Legislature intended? Statement by Senator Joe Bolkcom, co-chair of the Iowa Legislature’s Cannabidiol Implementation Study Committee Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mw1tov9SI5w When Iowa moms whose children have serious, life threatening conditions learned that families in more than 20 other states are […]

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State senators take the minimum wage challenge

The Burlington Hawk Eye reports that State Sen. Tom Courtney, D-Burlington, is one of three elected officials who have accepted an offer to live the next seven days on $77 – the amount a typical Iowan who works full time on minimum wage has left in their pocket once they pay their taxes and housing expenses. Courtney and fellow Democratic state senators Joe Bolkcom of Iowa City and Rob Hogg of Cedar Rapids took up the invitation from the Raise the Wage Iowa Coalition. The group specifically challenged Republican lawmakers U.S. Rep. Steve King, Gov. Terry Branstad and state Sen. Joni Ernst who have stated Iowa’s $7.25 minimum wage is sufficient.

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Training a skilled Iowa workforce

Studies repeatedly find that employers are unable to find workers with the skills to fill job openings, education and training don’t match workplace needs, and workers are not aware of programs that can train them in new skills. Remedying those problems is the most important thing we can go to strengthen Iowa’s middle class and […]

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Working families: Foundation of a strong Iowa economy

September kicks off with Labor Day, a time to celebrate the achievements of working families as the foundation of a strong economy. Here in Iowa, we’re always looking for ways to make our state the best possible place for hard-working families. Successful initiatives to strengthen Iowa’s middle class over the last couple of years include: […]

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