Restoring School Funding Tool Kit

Information and links you can use to restore vetoed funding for Iowa’s community schools.

Iowa Statewide Park & Ride System website

The Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) is implementing a Statewide Park & Ride System Plan. As a part of this process, the DOT is launching its first statewide Park & Ride System website and an accompanying interactive map that identifies state-owned and operated park-and-ride locations, which can be used as places to park your car […]

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BOW Workshop registration open

This year’s Becoming an Outdoors Woman (BOW) workshop is Sept. 18-20 at the Springbrook Conservation Education Center in Guthrie County. It’s an opportunity for women to try outdoor activities through workshops on fishing, birdwatching, archery, shooting, basic motor boat skills, kayaking, survival skills, stand up paddling, Dutch oven cooking, camping and more. The $150 registration fee […]

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Senator Courtney urges Secretary of State Pate to reject new voter suppression efforts

A key state senator today called on Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate to formally pledge not to use federal funds for any future voter purge effort in Iowa… “All Iowans agree that only eligible citizens should be allowed to vote. The issue is whether Paul Pate, Iowa’s new Secretary of State, will promise never to use taxpayer dollars to discourage eligible citizens from voting,” said Courtney. “I urge Secretary Pate to issue a statement making it clear that Iowa is no longer one of the states where election officials use tax dollars to suppress voter turnout.

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Tree management grant available to Iowa communities

Iowa communities with a population of 5,000 or more can learn about tree care, identification and inventory through a grant from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. The two-year grant program currently provides training and assistance to a handful of Iowa communities and is accepting applications for additional communities in 2016. Grant communities receive training […]

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Great teachers are key to student achievement

Iowa is among the first states to create a teacher leadership system designed to boost student achievement, increase teaching expertise and raise the status of the teaching profession. Research shows a correlation between a school’s ability to keep good teachers and student achievement. Iowa’s 2013 Education Reform initiative rewards effective teachers with more responsibility and […]

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Why is affordable college tuition so important?

Keeping college affordable allows more Iowans to get the education and skills they need to find good jobs. It creates a positive cycle that helps our state attract the types of businesses and jobs to strengthen our middle class and grow our economy. U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan recently said that college grads earn […]

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