Growing Iowa’s middle class in 2015

The Iowa Legislature gaveled in on January 12 for the 2015 session. We look forward to a great year devoted to helping build an economy that works for all Iowans. Many of our friends and neighbors are struggling to get ahead because of stagnant wages and a tough job market. But we can ensure a lasting recovery from the national recession by strengthening and expanding Iowa’s middle class. With Democrats in charge of the Iowa Senate and Republicans holding the majority in the Iowa House, successful legislation must win bipartisan approval. State support for our local schools is a top priority, and something we expect to work on early in the session.

Let’s increase the pay for 181,000 low-wage Iowans

We were proud to vote last week to increase the wages of Iowa’s lowest-paid workers. According to the Iowa Policy Project, 181,000 Iowans will benefit from an increase to the minimum wage. Here are some statistics on who will get a raise under the proposal approved by the Iowa Senate this week: • 72 percent […]

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Gov Branstad: Do more for schools or stick with status quo?

“Governor Branstad, Iowa students and Iowa’s communities need you to speak out in support of our local schools. You have a choice to make. You can get actively involved and work with the House and Senate to reach an agreement that will help prepare Iowa students to again lead the nation, or, you can stand still and support the House position, a position Iowa’s local school superintendents and school boards reject.

“What’s your decision, Governor Branstad? While other states invest more in quality education, do you believe the status quo is good enough or should we do more to help Iowa students compete for the jobs of the 21st century?”

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Iowans on why they want the medical cannabis option

On February 16, Senator Liz Mathis, chair of the Human Resources Committee, and Senator Joe Bolkcom, chair of the Ways and Means Committee, Iowans living with chronic diseases to explain how medical cannabis could help them. The speakers included Jeri Goodell from Lake Park; Brandon Brase from Webster City; Lori Tassin from Des Moines; Jon […]

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Senator Rob Hogg of Cedar Rapids on Mental Health Institute Closings

Below is a short comment on the issue by Senator Hogg which was made during the Wednesday, February 22nd, 2015 “Madame President, Colleagues, today I rise to address what cannot be termed anything other than a mental health crisis in our state. Approximately 180,000 Iowans have been diagnosed with a serious mental illness – 6% […]

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Farm injury prevention grants available

Through March 2, applications are being accepted for grants to youth who want to prevent farm-related injuries. Successful applicants will receive $500 grants for efforts to decrease the risk of illness and injury due to farm hazard exposure. Criteria for selection will be based on objectives and use of funds. Examples of past projects awarded […]

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How should our state universities be funded?

Historically, state universities and colleges have received state funding based on the number of full-time students enrolled at the beginning of the semester. Many states are reconsidering this type of enrollment-based funding. Supporters say that outcomes-based funding (also known as performance-based funding) policies can be a powerful tool for supporting increased postsecondary student achievement. State […]

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