2014 Session Successes – UPDATED

This year, we built on efforts to provide greater economic security for Iowa families by standing up for workers and investing in skills training, job creation and the best educational opportunities from preschool through college. We did it all while balancing the state budget without raising taxes. Iowa is expected to have a budget surplus of about $881 million when this fiscal year ends on June 30. We also have $650 million in our reserve funds, the largest amount in state history.

Correction: Governor’s news release incorrectly claims his executive order created Iowa STEM program

Correction: The Governor’s news release today incorrectly claims that Iowa’s STEM program was created in 2011 by his executive order.  Link to Governor Branstad’s release In fact, the Legislature created the STEM program during the 2008 session* in House File 2679. The legislation included $4 million for the University of Northern Iowa for a STEM […]

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Dvorsky: State Auditor’s analysis supports Democrats’ push to balance budget, cut taxes AND help expand Iowa’s middle class

Auditor Mosiman’s comments today confirmed that Iowa can balance the budget and invest in expanding Iowa’s middle class without raising taxes. In fact, the recent Legislative session, during which Democrats led the effort to pass the largest property tax cut in state history, has also produced a budget surplus, according to Auditor Mosiman, a Republican.

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REAP preserves Iowa’s natural resources

In honor of the 25th anniversary of Iowa’s popular Resource Enhancement and Protection Program (REAP), the Legislature overwhelmingly approved a record $25 million in funding this year. Unfortunately, Governor Branstad vetoed $9 million of that, which would have helped clean up our waterways and improve our environment. REAP is a nationally recognized program that succeeds […]

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Litter is on the decline

Litter in Iowa is on the decline, according to new surveys from Keep Iowa Beautiful, an organization committed to keeping our communities clean, healthy and attractive. Over the past 12 years, nearly all Iowans have agreed that it is important to maintain a clean environment, and in that time, many of our litter habits have […]

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Grants to enhance community trees

Trees reduce our energy costs by shading buildings, slowing down winds and reducing heat loss. They also help improve air quality and reduce flooding by intercepting storm water.  That’s why the Department of Natural Resources is encouraging communities to use two grant programs to increase the number of healthy local trees. Trees For Kids offers hands-on […]

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Big steps to better water

Heavy rains this summer have brought trouble, misery and headaches to many Iowans. Stream flows are up in most parts of the state, and shallow groundwater is getting back to normal. On the down side, heavy rains can increase flooding and pollution of our waterways. The Legislature is working to tackle these problems with support […]

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