Statement on constitutional amendment on women’s health

January 16, 2020 Senate Staff 0

More than 30 labor and delivery departments have closed around our state. We have a shortage of obstetricians. Options for prenatal care are shrinking. Instead of focusing on these solvable problems, Republicans want to restrict rights through a constitutional amendment and a public vote.

Senate Dem Leader’s opening day remarks

January 13, 2020 Senate Staff 0

We have a chance this year in the Iowa Legislature to send more positive signals to our children that we want them to stay in Iowa after graduation. We can build safe, caring and vibrant neighborhoods for people of all ages by working together to get the job done.

Third bipartisan “Ag Day” for Iowa legislators

August 19, 2019 Senate Staff 0

This year’s event will focus on new conservation technologies, including terraces, waterways, improvements, tiling and cover crops. John Deere will provide hands-on demonstrations. Ryan Vogel, owner of an earth moving and tiling business, will discuss the impact of recent legislation on cost sharing.