Let’s work together to make Iowa public schools great again

February 19, 2021 Senate Staff 0

For generations, Iowans could count on a great public education from Iowa schools to set them up for success in life. Today, however, many Iowans are watching with dismay as a decade of underinvestment from Republican leadership has resulted in Iowa dropping to the middle of the pack in national rankings.

DeJear appointed to redistricting panel

February 10, 2021 Senate Staff 0

Senate Democratic Leader Zach Wahls today appointed small business owner and community leader Deidre DeJear of Des Moines to the Temporary Redistricting Advisory Commission. The Commission is responsible for conducting hearings to gather input from Iowans about new maps that will be drawn for legislative and Congressional districts.

GOP education plan fails our kids and our communities

February 3, 2021 Senate Staff 0

Last week Republicans took money from our kids’ public schools to fund private school vouchers for the privileged few. They’re now launching a puny school funding plan that fails to make up for four years of neglect. Our kids and schools need much more help to overcome the learning challenges of the COVID19 pandemic.

Bipartisan bill would compensate college athletes

February 3, 2021 Senate Staff 0

A new bill would allow student athletes in Iowa to profit from promotional use of their names, images, and likenesses as early as July. SF 245 would allow student athletes to financially gain from marketing opportunities. Six states have enacted similar legislation.

Public Education makes Iowa great

January 28, 2021 Senate Staff 0

Iowa Senate Democratic Leader Zach Wahls rejected the private school vouchers bill being advanced by the Governor and Iowa Republicans that would drain millions of dollars away from Iowa’s public schools.

Public Education Disaster Week

January 24, 2021 Senate Staff 0

Monday, two harmful bills are being rushed through the Senate Education Committee before Iowans have time to respond.  SSB 1065 would divert taxes for public schools to private schools and SSB 1064 would make Iowa schools unsafe during the pandemic.

Leader Wahls’ 2021 Opening Day Speech

January 11, 2021 Senate Staff 0

In the weeks and months ahead, we will balance our legislative responsibilities and our leadership responsibilities. As Legislators, we have the responsibility of faithfully discharging the duties of Senator and upholding the Iowa Constitution. We also have the responsibility of following the best available public health guidance, and leading by example so Iowans are not forced to choose between life and liberty or safety and happiness.

Gov. Reynolds’ Misuse of Federal Pandemic Relief Funds

December 8, 2020 Senate Staff 0

Senator Claire Celsi is formally requesting that Republican leaders in the Iowa Senate convene a Senate Government Oversight meeting. The Legislature must ensure that all CARES dollars are used properly. If the State fails to do so, Iowa could be required to return misspent money.