Iowa is tough & smart on crime

October 31, 2016 Senate Intern 0

Citizens deserve to live free from worry of undue risks and danger. That’s why improving public safety is such an important job for the Legislature. We must be tough on crime and smart on crime, […]

Iowa is good for business

October 12, 2016 Senate Intern 0

Senate Democrats are working to expand Iowa’s middle class and build a stable economy for all. We’re spurring long-range growth and prosperity across Iowa by: Ensuring Iowans have opportunities for job training Offering incentives to […]

Air quality improving in Iowa

October 4, 2016 Senate Intern 0

Good air quality protects the health and the environment of Iowans. Iowa’s air quality has significantly improved since 1990, with sulfur dioxide emissions down by 60 percent and nitrogen oxides decreasing by 43 percent. These […]