Transportation Committee Report -Week 6, 2018

SF 157 – Cancelling security interest on a vehicle;
SF 2037 – Tinted windows in vehicles;
SSB 3147 – Taxicab regulations;
SSB 3170 – Record-keeping for auto dealers;
SSB 3186 – Pickup trucks as school buses;
SSB 3192 – Motor Vehicle Enforcement Officers. 



SF 157 allows the holder of a security interest on a motor vehicle to note the cancellation of the security interest on a separate, notarized release form or letter. Previously, the cancellation was required to be made on the face of the vehicle’s certificate of title.
[2/14: short form]


SF 2037 reduces the light transmittance through motor vehicle windows from 70 percent to 35 percent. Violation is a $50 fine. If law enforcement stops a motor vehicle with less than 70 percent light transmittance, the driver must lower their window as far as possible when the an officer approaches. A violation of this this provision is a $20 fine.
[2/12: 12-1(No: Carlin)]


SSB 3147 prohibits taxicabs from transporting passengers without a taxicab service passenger certificate from the Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT). However, a certificate does not authorize a taxicab service to transport passengers within the boundaries of a local authority that licenses or regulates taxis, pursuant to Code section 321.236(7), unless the taxicab service complies with all local regulations. This applies to for-hire transportation in vehicles that seat fewer than seven passengers and don’t operate on a regular route.
[2/12: 12-1(No: Danielson)]


SSB 3170 allows an auto dealer who has more than one established place of business to designate one place for keeping all the books and records. The bill also sets the documentary fee at $180 and makes it subject to an annual percentage adjustment equal to the consumer price index. Finally, the bill requires a motor vehicle franchiser to specify in writing to franchisees the obligation for preparation, delivery and warranty of services related to the franchiser’s products.
[2/12: 12-1(No: Bisignano, Danielson, Horn; Excused: Bertrand)]


SSB 3186 requires Administrative Rules to allow pickup trucks that carry nine or fewer passengers, including the driver, and weighing 10,000 pounds or less to be used as school buses.
[2/14: short form]


SSB 3192 allows Motor Vehicle Enforcement Officers at the Iowa Department of Transportation to have the same powers, duties, privileges and immunities as peace officers for enforcing state laws, including but not limited to the rules and regulations of the DOT.
[2/14: 12-1(No: Danielson)]