Hart invites public to share ideas for Iowa jobs at town meetings

Iowa Senate News Release
For Immediate Release: October 10, 2017


State Senator Rita Hart of Wheatland is organizing town hall meetings on jobs in November.  The events will begin at 7 PM and conclude at 8 PM.

“Our part of Iowa has opportunities for real growth. We need to work together to promote small business development, entrepreneurship, and educational opportunities.  That’s how we will increase the number of higher wage jobs in our community,” said Hart, a farmer and former teacher.

“One of the Legislature’s most important jobs is to invest in long-range economic development that ensures future growth and prosperity across all of Iowa,” said Hart, the former Chair of the Senate Economic Growth Committee. “At the meetings, I’ll be listening for ideas that will help create jobs and grow our local economy.”

The State Senator encouraged people to bring their suggestions.

“This is a discussion and I hope people will arrive with some suggestions,” said Hart. “The best ideas often appear when we get together and listen to each other.”

Senator Hart will be holding multiple meetings about jobs and economic development throughout her Senate district. The dates and locations are:

Date & Time Event Location
Wed 7 PM
DeWitt Town Meeting on Jobs Dewitt Community Center
Thu 7 PM
Lost Nation Town Meeting on Jobs Lost Nation Public Library
Mon 7 PM
Delmar Town Meeting on Jobs Delmar Depot Museum
Wed 7 PM
McCausland Town Meeting on Jobs McCausland Community Center
NOV 14
Tue 7 PM
Clinton Town Meeting on Jobs Clinton Public Library (Iowa)
NOV 15
Wed 7 PM
LeClaire Town Meeting on Jobs Leclaire Library