Governor Reynolds must expand IFA investigation

April 30, 2018


Letter from Democratic Leaders to Governor Reynolds on IFA investigation

Des Moines, IA — The leaders of the Iowa House and Senate Democrats today called on Governor Kim Reynolds to expand the independent investigation of David Jamison and the Iowa Finance Authority.

“The fallout from the firing of David Jamison should be a wakeup call to you.  David Jamison’s disgusting behavior and the failure of key staffers in your Administration to address the problem over a period of years highlight the alarming fact that executive branch employees are afraid to report illegal and highly inappropriate behavior,” said Senate Democratic Leader Janet Petersen of Des Moines.

The letter signed by the two lawmakers outlined 12 key points that must be included in the scope of the investigation.  Some of the key points include: the victim’s concerns about retaliation; misinformation provided by the Reynolds Administration; the long delay in calling for the independent investigation; an examination of the lease agreement with Hubbell Realty; and a full audit and analysis of expenses and reimbursement to David Jamison including the slush fund used by key executives without oversight.

“The graphic letter sent to you by a victim of Jamison’s alleged misconduct highlights systemic issues that need to be addressed.  While the investigation is a step in the right direction, the scope of the review is far too narrow,” said House Democratic Leader Mark Smith of Marshalltown.  “Given more information revealed this weekend by a whistleblower who was fired, the investigation must include an audit of IFA’s finances as well.  The harassment, retaliation, and financial mismanagement in your Administration have created a culture of corruption that must end.”

Last fall, Iowa taxpayers were forced to foot the bill for a $1.75 million settlement in Kirsten Anderson’s lawsuit against Iowa Senate Republicans and an internal review later found that employees were afraid to report harassment.

“Even after the harassment scandal last fall, the Jamison case proves the culture in your Administration has not changed to protect victims or Iowa taxpayers.  It’s not enough to keep saying you have a zero tolerance policy. Your entire Administration needs to take anti-harassment and anti-retaliation policies seriously and to stop protecting friends who you hired to work for Iowa taxpayers,” Petersen added.