Education Committee – Week 2, 2020


SSB 3018 – Department of Education Code Clean Up

SSB 3018is the Iowa Department of Education’s technical code clean up. Main components of the bill include:

1) Language clean up related to how shared-time and part-time pupils from private schools, who are enrolled in public schools to access classes or services, are counted for enrollment.

2) The term “agency fund,” describing a fund maintained by a school district, is replaced with the term “custodial fund.”

3) Open enrollment requests for special needs student clarifications. Currently, a receiving school district only needs to grant the open enrollment request of a child requiring special education if the district maintains a special education program appropriate to meet the child’s educational needs and such enrollment would not cause the appropriate class to exceed the maximum class size. The bill clarifies that the enrollment of the child must not cause the caseload to exceed the maximum caseload in that special education program, and there must be sufficient classroom space for the general education classes to which the child would be assigned.

The bill was amended in committee to remove section three, dealing with technical duties of an early childhood board.
[1/22: short form (Excused: Johnson, Rozenboom)]

SSB 3020 – Student IDs to contain suicide prevention hotline

SSB 3020 requires public schools to include a suicide prevention telephone number on student ID cards. A committee amendment clarifies that this applies only to grades 7 to 12 in public schools, and identifies the Your Life Iowa crisis telephone line and text message contact information to be printed on the back of the student IDs.
[1/22: short form (Excused: Johnson, Rozenboom)]