Local Government Committee – Week 7, 2020


SF 2013 – Creation of land banks

SF 2013 creates a new section in Iowa Code to establish local government land banks. Land banks are a tool to rehabilitate blighted, vacant and abandoned properties into productive use. Ultimately, the bill will create a strong funding base for affordable housing and community economic development.
[2/20: 11-0]

SF 2358 – Preemption of agricultural experiences

SF 2358 allows educational events and community experiences, such as school visits and farm-to-table dinners on agricultural land without a local government permit. Currently, some counties are demanding $250 permits for each type of event.
[2/19: 11-0]

SF 2361 – Emergency management mutual aid compact

SF 2361 allow the Iowa Mutual Aid Compact (IMAC) to be used across all political subdivisions as originally intended. This will include all political subdivisions as members of the compact, though it further restricts members to county board of supervisors, mayor, and emergency management coordinator or designee. This is a priority of the Emergency Management Association.
[2/20: 11-0]

SF 2263 – Certificates of the treasurer

SF 2263 amends Iowa Code to state that certificate of the treasurer expires upon the next annual certification of taxes and that an expired certificate is not considered an acceptable document presented to the recorder for recording.
[2/13: 11-0]

SF 2264 – County zoning ordinances

SF 2264 makes changes to county zoning ordinances. It eliminates the requirement for a zoning application, approval and fee for an ordinance to be considered inapplicable to land, farm barns, farm outbuildings or other buildings primarily used for agricultural purposes. Counties can still require application for housing in unincorporated areas. Land enrolled in a soil conservation program or water conservation program qualifies for the agricultural exemption.
[2/13: 11-0]

SF 2265– Statewide vehicle registration

SF 2265 allows county treasurers to issue vehicle titles, initial registrations, releases of security interest and replacement vehicle titles for vehicles in any other county. The current practice is to issue the documents for vehicles in treasurer’s county only. The fee for these services would be increased by $5 to help counties cover costs of this change in services.
[2/13: 10-1 (No: Hogg)]

SF 2175 – Drainage district hearing notices

SF 2175 addresses notice requirements for classification and reclassification of drainage districts. Current law provides notice be made in the same manner as when creating a drainage district. The bill is aimed at reducing costs incurred by drainage districts when giving notice, specifically the need to publish the entire assessment schedule, and allows a choice to publish in the newspaper and/or the county website.
[2/13: 11-0]

SF 2368 – Section 8 Housing city ordinance

SF 2368 prevents Iowa cities from mandatory participation in the Section 8 Federal Housing Program. This action would prevent landlords from turning away tenants who use public assistance to pay rent. Currently, Des Moines, Marion and Iowa City have ordinances requiring landlords to accept the vouchers. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is the administrator of Section 8, which helps low-income families, the elderly and people with disabilities afford housing by subsidizing the cost for qualifying units.
[2/20: 7-4, party line]


SF 2025 – Joint county engineers

SF 2025 eliminates the requirement that sharing of county engineer must be between adjacent counties.
[Committee 2/6: 11-0]

[Floor 2/24: 48-0 (Excused: Feenstra, Shipley)]

SF 2051 – Residential elevators in federally designated historic districts

SF 2051 eliminates the requirement for a commercial elevator in two-story building when the owner owns both the commercial first floor and the residential second floor. This bill is specific to federally designated historic districts. The owner must disclose the residential elevator when selling the property.
Committee [2/6: 11-0]
Floor [2/26: 49-0 (Excused: R. Taylor)]