Local Government Committee – Week 8, 2020


SF 2358 – Preemption of agricultural experiences

SF 2358 allows educational events and community experiences, such as school visits and farm-to-table dinners on agricultural land without a local government permit. Currently, some counties are requiring $250 permits for each type of event.
[3/4: 45-3 (No: Bolkcom, Petersen, Quirmbach; Excused: Kraayenbrink, Wahls)]

HF 2512 – County zoning ordinances

HF 2512 makes changes to county zoning ordinances. It eliminates the requirement for a zoning application, approval and fee for an ordinance to be considered inapplicable to land, farm barns, farm outbuildings or other buildings primarily used for agricultural purposes. Counties can still require application for housing in unincorporated areas. Land enrolled in a soil conservation program or water conservation program qualifies for the agricultural exemption.
[3/4: 37-11, party line (Excused: Chapman, Rozenboom, Wahls)]

SF 2368 – Section 8 Housing city ordinance

SF 2368 prevents Iowa cities from mandatory participation in the Section 8 Federal Housing Program. This action would allow landlords to turn away tenants who use public assistance to pay rent. Currently, Des Moines, Marion and Iowa City have ordinances requiring landlords to accept the vouchers. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is the administrator of Section 8, which helps low-income families, the elderly and people with disabilities afford housing by subsidizing the cost for qualifying units.
[3/3: 30-17, party line (Excused: Chapman, Rozenboom, Wahls)]