Natural Resources Committee – Week 8, 2020


SF 2269 – Game preserve season extension for extreme weather

SF 2269 would allow a game preserve to apply to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) for an extension for operating and providing hunting opportunities on the preserve. The DNR may grant a variance to the operator to extend the season beyond March 31 if the precipitation for the month of January, February or March is above average for the county in which the preserve is located. The approval of the variance is at the discretion of the DNR. The season may not be extended beyond April 15, which is meant to provide safety to game birds during the prime nesting season. The bill also aims to further protect any possible nesting birds that may be in place on the game preserve during the extended season by restricting hunting during the extended season to male birds only.
[3/2: 49-0 (Absent: Wahls)]

SF 2270 – Identification of tree stands for hunting deer on public land

SF 2270 would require anyone who places a tree stand for hunting deer on public land to affix a metal tag with the hunter’s license number to identify the owner of the tree stand. The bill also would allow the owner of a tree stand used on public land to prohibit the use of the tree stand by any other individual. The bill also creates liability protection for the owner of a tree stand for damage to personal property or an injury resulting from another person’s use of a tree stand on public land.
[2/27: 34-15 (Yes: Republicans, Kinney, Lykam, Wahls; Absent: Miller-Meeks)]

SF 2271 – Youth deer hunting licenses and tags and allowed methods of take

SF 2271 would direct the DNR to make youth deer hunting licenses available for purchase when general deer licenses are available for purchase, including through all established deer hunting seasons. Currently, youth deer hunting licenses are not available for sale following the end of the youth season. Youths hunting later in the year would have to purchase a standard deer hunting tag to harvest deer in a later season. The bill would also allow the youth hunter the use of any legal method of take authorized for all other hunting seasons to hunt deer during the youth deer hunting season. Youth are currently restricted to shotgun, bow or muzzle-loaded rifles during the youth season.
[3/4: 48-0 (Absent: Kraayenbrink, Wahls)]