State Government Committee – Week 10, 2020


HF 2238 – Unlicensed food stands by minors

HF 2238 says that a municipality must not adopt or enforce an ordinance that requires a license, permit, or fee to sell or otherwise distribute food at a stand operated by a minor. The bill:

  • Amends a current Code section and adds “a stand operated by a minor” to the list places that are not considered food establishments.
  • Defines a stand operated by a minor as “ a stand or other facility operated by a person or persons under the age of 18 at which food is sold directly to consumers that are not time/temperature controlled for safety food or an alcoholic beverage and that operates on a temporary and occasional basis on private property with the permission of the owner of the property.”
  • Prohibits a municipality from adopting or enforcing an ordinance or rule that requires a license, permit, or fee to sell or otherwise distribute food at a stand operated by a minor.

An amendment was adopted that says a city or county may not require a license to operate any food establishment business, unless otherwise prohibited by law, if the owner is under the age of 18 and if that business is operational for fewer than 90 days. 
[3/12: 11-1 (No: Celsi; Excused: Bisignano, T. Taylor, Feenstra)]

HF 2308 – Update to definition of public meetings and public notice

HF 2308 provides slight modifications to current law regarding open meetings and adds a good-cause exemption to the 24-hour notice requirement. The bill:

  • Adds budgetary duties to the definition of a meeting. The current definition means a gathering in person or by electronic means, formal or informal, of a majority of the members of a governmental body where there is deliberation or action upon any matter within the scope of the governmental body’s policy-making decision.
  • Clarifies that weekends and paid holidays are excluded from the 24-hour notice. Current law states that notice must give at least 24 hours before the meeting of a governmental body unless notice would be impractical or impossible. Then it must be given with as much notice as reasonably possible.
  • Allows a meeting to be called without 24-hour notice if there is a “good cause” that includes a personnel or student matter.
    [3/12: 12-0 (Excused: Bisignano, T. Taylor, Feenstra)]

HF 2412 – Refines the definition of public improvement

HF 2412 refines the definition of “public improvement” to allow a city utility to perform work on their own system or have a third party perform work without the need to bid out certain projects. Public improvement includes construction, repair or maintenance work performed for a city utility, when the work is performed by its employees or relates to existing utility infrastructure.
[3/12: 12-0 (Excused: Bisignano, T. Taylor, Feenstra)]

HF 2416 – Timeline for filing Iowa Public Information Board complaints

HF 2416 increases from 60 to 90 days the time a person has to file a complaint with the Public Information Board.
[3/12: 12-0 (Excused: Bisignano, T. Taylor, Feenstra)]