Transportation Committee – Week 22, 2020


SF 388 — ‘Iowa Medal of Honor’ Highway

SF 388, as amended by the House, designates the segment of U.S. Highway 20 between Sioux City and Dubuque as the “Iowa Medal of Honor Highway.” It requires the Department of Transportation to adopt rules to provide for an application, approval and inspection process for the purchase, and installation of signs by private entities indicating the designation. All costs and expenses of the purchase and installation of the signs will be paid by the private entity whose application is approved. The Department may approve more than one application to purchase and install the signs. Any sign placed must include a depiction of the three versions of the U.S. Medal of Honor for the Army, Navy and Air Force. The American Legion of Iowa worked in coordination with similar efforts in the 11 other U.S. Highway 20 states. The route stretches between Oregon and Massachusetts.
[6/10: CONCUR 49-0 (Absent: Feenstra)]

HF 2372 – Chauffeur Licenses Exemption

HF 2372 exempts a farmer or farmer’s hired help from requiring a chauffeur’s license when operating a special truck owned by the farmer and exclusively used for transporting farm products within 100 miles from land owned or rented by the farmer. The bill also adds an autism spectrum disorder designation that may be placed on the driver’s license of an autistic person and maintained in the law enforcement database to alert law enforcement of the licensees status during any interaction.
[6/11: 49-0: Hogg absent]