Local Government Committee – Week 12, 2021


HF 419 — Driver’s License Station Convenience Fee

HF 419 allows counties to collect a $10 fee for issuing and renewing driver’s licenses and nonoperator’s identification cards to those who reside outside the county.
[3/30 Short form (excused: Driscoll, Hogg)] 

HF 523 – Flood Mitigation as an Essential County Purpose

HF 523 designates flood mitigation as an essential county purpose. This allows counties to bond without voter approval.
[3/30 Short form (excused: Driscoll, Hogg)] 

HF 758 — Documentation Requirements for Affidavits

HF 758 removes the word “substantially” so all counties would have the same list of documents required for affidavits for real estate. Current law requires the word “substantially” and covers a list of documentation for affidavits in real estate, and it is up to the local county to decide which documents on the list are required.
[3/30 Short form (excused: Driscoll, Hogg)]

HF 765 – Assessors’ Notices Electronically

HF 765 allows for the Assessor’s information to be provided electronically or by e-mail if someone registers for that service.
[3/30 Short form (excused: Driscoll, Hogg)]