Judiciary Committee – Week 15, 2021


HF 282 – Abuse of a corpse

HF 282 increases the criminal penalty for abuse of a corpse from a “D” felony to a “C” felony. “D” felonies are punishable by up to five years in prison, in addition to a fine of $1,025 to $10,245. “C” felonies are punishable by up to 10 years in prison, and a fine of $1,375 to $13,660.

Current Law: 708.14 Abuse of a corpse:

1.  A person commits abuse of a human corpse if the person does any of the following:

a.  Mutilates, disfigures or dismembers a human corpse with the intent to conceal a crime.

b.  Hides or buries a human corpse with the intent to conceal a crime.

2.  A person who violates this section commits a class “D” felony.
[4/21: 46-0 (Absent: Nunn, Mathis, Schultz, Whiting)]

HF 391 – Controlled substances, precursor substances and schedules

HF 391 is a bill brought by the Board of Pharmacy and amends the controlled substances and precursor substances schedules in the Iowa Uniform Controlled Substances Act and precursor substances chapter. The changes are intended to conform Iowa law with specific designation of substances contained in federal law. The Board of Pharmacy brings similar legislation each year to conform Iowa law to changes in the federal law.

The Senate adopted an amendment intended to address the problem of hemp products that exceed the .03% THC limit. This amendment limits all cannabidiol and hemp products to a maximum of .03%.
[4/21: 6-0 (Absent: Nunn, Mathis, Schultz, Whiting)]

HF 709 – Pre-trial contact between minor prosecution witness, defendant

HF 709 adds a new section to the Victims’ Rights Chapter in the Iowa Code. The bill provides that a prosecuting witness who is a minor (under 18) has the right to have an interview or deposition taken outside of the presence of the defendant. Closed-circuit television may be used for an interview or deposition for the defendant to view the interview or deposition. Some other form of viewing may be used as long as the defendant does not have contact with the minor. The defendant can communicate electronically with their attorney who is in the room where the minor is being interviewed or deposed.
[4/21: 46-0 (Absent: Nunn, Mathis, Schultz, Whiting)]

HF 821 – Civil Cause of Action for making false reports to law enforcement

HF 821 provides that when a person harasses another by reporting false information to law enforcement implicating them in criminal activity, knowing that the information is false, or reports the alleged occurrence of a criminal act, knowing the act did not occur, the victim of the harassment may bring a civil suit against the person who filed the false report or information.
[4/21: 46-0 (Absent: Nunn, Mathis, Schultz, Whiting)]