Ways & Means Committee – Week 14, 2021


SF 574 – Confidential information, veteran property tax credits and exemptions

SF 574 addresses an issue from legislation enacted in 2020 that was meant to prevent the collection of names of veterans using property tax information. The bill clarifies that the disabled veteran/POW and military serviceproperty tax credits and exemptions can be made public on property tax reports for individualparcels, but the information cannot be aggregated under public records.
[4/13: 45-0 (Absent: Hogg, Lofgren, Nunn, Petersen, Rozenboom)]

SF 577– Certificate for nonviable birth

SF 577 creates a certificate of nonviable birth. A patient can request a certificate from the Iowa Department of Public Health starting July 1, 2021. The certificate does not become part of Vital Records. This is similar to the Certificate of Stillbirth created in 2012.
[4/13: 45-0 (Absent: Hogg, Lofgren, Nunn, Petersen, Rozenboom)]

HF 683 – Iowa Utilities Board Omnibus

HF 683 is a departmental recommendation by the Iowa Utilities Board (IUB). It makes technical changes to current Code; authorizes the IUB to again have an administrative law judge on staff to assist with ensuring compliance with legal requirements; codifies current practices on advanced estimated assessments; allows the IUB to assess and bill interstate pipeline companies in the same manner as intrastate pipeline companies; aligns civil penalties with federal levels regarding pipeline and hazardous waste safety to eliminate the need for IUB to continually file legislation to match the U.S. Department of Transportation Pipeline and Hazard Materials Safety Administration dollar amounts for fines; and allows the Board to identify when payments will be remitted to the Dual Party Relay Fund.

There is one difference between this bill and the version passed by the Senate Commerce Committee (SF 347). HF 683 contains language promoted by the Iowa Communications Alliance related to the method of computing year-end assessments for telecommunication providers that are registered with the IUB.
[4/13: 45-0 (Absent: Hogg, Lofgren, Nunn, Petersen, Rozenboom)]