Local Government Committee – Week 9, 2022


SF 2267 – Establishing emergency response districts

SF 2267 repeals the current pilot program and makes permanent authorization for a county to establish an emergency response district. The bill aims to help small voluntary fire departments by creating a district that can share resources. It’s fully voluntary and decided on the local level. Specifically, the bill amends the definition of “commission” to mean a member or designee of each government entity participating in the emergency response district. The bill amends the process for changing district boundaries to require the approval of the commission and each government entity that is a member of the emergency response district. Incorporation documents of an emergency response district must include provisions for dissolution, withdrawal of individual members, and dispensing of property in either event. Finally, the bill repeals provisions relating to the engineer’s responsibilities and the appointment of assistant fire chiefs.
[3/9: 48-0 (Excused: Hogg, Zaun)]

SF 2298 – Emergency management commissions and duties of a joint 911 service board

SF 2298 authorizes local emergency management commissions to assume the duties of a joint 911 service board. The bill adds two new paragraphs to the local emergency management commission code section to allow the commissions to be substituted for a joint 911 service board. This will be done by a county board of supervisors. The commission must have all of the powers of a joint 911 service board if a commission is substituted. The bill modifies the duties of a local emergency management commission to be responsible for the activities of a joint 911 service board if substitution occurs. An amendment was adopted to improve the bill by requiring a two-thirds vote of each board to approve merging.
[3/9: 47-0 (Excused: Hogg, Goodwin, Zaun)]