State Government Committee – Week 9, 2022


SF 2196 – Fees charged to employees for copies of personnel files

SF 2196 requires employers to provide employees with one copy of their personnel file at no charge upon request. Under current law, an employer may charge a reasonable fee for each page of a copy made of the employee’s personnel file. The bill permits employers to charge such fees for any subsequent copies requested. The bill takes effect upon enactment and applies retroactively to copies of personnel files obtained by employees on or after January 1, 2021. If an employer charged a fee for the employee’s personnel file on or after that date, they must reimburse the employee. Employers are allowed to provide the personnel file electronically.
[3/8: 47-0 (Absent: Dickey, Hogg, Kinney)]

SF 2260 – Adoption of certain animals from research facilities

SF 2260 would require a research facility receiving state or federal moneys to participate in an adoption program for cats and dogs that had been confined at the facility. Once the animal is “retired” from research, the facility must offer the animal to a rescue organization or to an individual as part of a private adoption arrangement. Qualifying animals would not have a substantial medical condition or pose a safety risk to the public.
[3/8: 47-1 (No: Edler; Excused: Dickey, Hogg)]

SF 2263 – Senate confirmation requirements for certain governor appointees

SF 2263 would remove many boards and commissions from the list of governor’s appointees that are subject to confirmation by the Senate. The bill also provides that appointees who are not subject to confirmation by the Senate can be made subject to confirmation upon a signed request by at least 26 senators.

The list of appointees removed from the Senate confirmation process under the bill includes:

  • Agricultural Development Board
  • Iowa Public Information Board
  • Commission of Veterans Affairs
  • Iowa Law Enforcement Academy Council
  • Drug Policy Advisory Council
  • Tobacco Use Prevention and Control Commission
  • Commission of Latino Affairs
  • Commission on the Status of Women
  • Commission of Persons with Disabilities
  • Commission of Community Action Agencies
  • Commission of Deaf Services
  • Commission on the Status of African Americans
  • Commission of Asian and Pacific Islander Affairs
  • Commission of Native American Affairs
  • Commission for the Blind
  • Council on Human Services
  • Mental Health and Disability Services Commission
  • Children’s Behavioral Health System State Board
  • Commission on Aging
  • Child Advocacy Board
  • Iowa Autism Council
  • Early Childhood State Iowa Board
  • School Budget Review Committee
  • County Finance Committee
  • City Development Board
  • Healthy and Well Kids in Iowa (Hawk-i) board
  • Commission on Judicial Qualifications
  • Board of Corrections

[3/8: 33-15 (Yes: Republicans, Bolkcom, Quirmbach; Excused: Dickey, Hogg)]

SF 2307 – Submission of official transcripts or diplomas to professional licensure boards

SF 2307 prohibits a professional licensing board, other than the Board of Nursing and the Board of Medicine, from requiring an applicant to submit an official transcript or an official diploma in connection with an application for a license, registration or certificate. The bill requires the relevant boards to accept copies of these records.

SF 2307 also prohibits a professional licensing board, other than the Board of Nursing and the Board of Medicine, from requiring the applicant to supply a transcript or diploma for a license, registration or certificate, or a renewal of such, if the institution that granted the transcript or diploma is no longer in operation.
[3/8: 37-10 (Yes: Republicans, Bisignano, Boulton, Giddens, Lykam, Mathis, Wahls; Excused: Dickey, Hogg, Kinney)]