Taxes: Reward work, not wealth

February 3, 2022 Senate Staff 0

Our plan rewards work, not wealth. We believe that we need to support Iowa workers, who are the backbone of our economy, with lower costs and tax cuts, rather than what Republicans want to do, which is supporting the super-rich and corporations who continue to get richer while working Iowans get left behind.

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The Kim Reynolds Workforce Crisis

December 9, 2021 Senate Staff 0

Senate Democratic Leader Zach Wahls, 12/9/21 The biggest challenge facing the Iowa Legislature’s 2022 session is the Kim Reynolds Workforce Crisis. In Iowa manufacturing, health care, education, our service industries…everywhere across our state there just […]

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UAW Win; Biden/Axne Job Creation

November 18, 2021 Senate Staff 0

The bottom line is that while Governor Reynolds, Speaker Grassley and Majority Leader Whitver are pointing fingers and playing the blame game, President Biden, Rep. Axne and other Democratic Leaders are actually getting things done for working Iowans.