SF213 – Prepared remarks by Sen. Chaz Allen of Newton

February 14, 2017 Senate Staff 0

Many Iowans are familiar with Newton’s transformation from a company town dominated by Maytag to the diverse economy it is today. The people of Newton bounced back because they sat across the table from their neighbor, and they all had the chance to say: “How can we be worthier together, to make our community great again?”

SF213 – Prepared remarks by Sen. Tod Bowman of Maquoketa

February 14, 2017 Senate Staff 0

Since this bill was introduced, I have received and answered hundreds of emails from my constituents; talked with hundreds of constituents on the street and on the phone; even met last week with a group of six school superintendents. I have also read the bill and talked with my Senate colleagues about the details of the legislation. The bottom line is this: I can’t find a single reason why this bill would be good for the people of Iowa.

Human Resources Committee Report – week 6, 2017

February 13, 2017 Senate Staff 0

SF77 requires facilities providing mammograms to include information on breast density in reports sent to patients pursuant to federal law, if the patient is categorized as having heterogeneously dense breasts or extremely dense breasts, according to national guidelines. T

Boulton: Iowans need more health security, not less

February 13, 2017 Senate Staff 0

“We will fight this attempt to take way health care security of hundreds of thousands of Iowa workers,” said State Senator Nate Boulton of Des Moines, lead Democrats on the Senate Labor Committee. “One of the most dangerous provisions of this anti-worker legislation would wipe out hundreds of health insurance plans for Iowa, teachers, correctional officers, EMTs, snow plow drivers, nurses and others who answer the call to serve our communities. That’s wrong.”

Today At 5:00 – Worker’s Rights Rally And Press Conference Before Public Hearing

February 13, 2017 Senate Staff 0

State Senator Nate Boulton will join Iowans gathering in support of workers’ rights for a rally and news conference before the House public hearing on HF291 today. Public employees who will speak to the Iowa House will address the media beforehand. They’ll voice their frustration about the Republican-led attack on workers’ rights that has been fast-tracked through the Legislature.

Tax break for farmers, small businesses, teachers & families

February 9, 2017 Senate Staff 0

Senate Democrats have introduced legislation to help Iowa taxpayers by “coupling” Iowa’s tax code with recent federal changes for 2016, the taxes Iowans must pay this April. Thousands of Iowans want to use these provisions, which have been available to them in previous years, to lower their state taxes.

Transportation Committee Report – week 5, 2017

February 8, 2017 Senate Staff 0

SSB 1002 allows a peace officer to stop or detain a person solely texting while driving. The fine for this violation remains $30. SSB 1020 eliminates the prohibition of a person leaving a vehicle unattended without first stopping the engine.