Iowa tax bill needs closer look

Last week, Republicans who control the Iowa Senate came out with a 130-page, $1 billion tax plan. Much like what happens in Washington D.C., we’ve seen no spreadsheets to give us a sense of the financial impact the proposal will have on Iowans and our state.

In addition, most Iowans have no idea what’s in SF 2383 because it’s being rushed through before taxpayers can get up to speed and have their say.

This proposal could wreck Iowa’s economy the way a similar plan wrecked Kansas. Forbes describes the ongoing crisis Kansas has faced in recent years because of fiscal mismanagement.

WATCH – Democratic state senators speak out on the extreme Kansas-style tax plan being proposed for Iowa.

Democrats in the Iowa Senate are willing to work on a bipartisan tax plan that:

  • Is fair to all Iowans.
  • Takes into account our current budget situation.
  • Reins in corporate tax credits that don’t work or are too expensive.
  • Makes Iowa’s tax laws easier to understand.

SF 2383 is expected to come up for a vote by the full Senate this week.

If you’re concerned, please contact your state senator. Call the Senate switchboard at 515-281-3371 or get your senator’s email and phone number at