State Government Committee – Week 4, 2020


SSB 3054 – Manufacturing canned cocktails

SSB 3054 allows a manufacturer of beer to obtain and possess alcoholic liquor to manufacture canned cocktails. Currently, a liquor manufacturer can make canned cocktails in a bottle, not a sealed can. Current Code has been interpreted to define all sealed cans as beer, so liquor manufacturers have been prohibited from using cans to avoid deviating from Iowa’s three-tiered system. This bill would allow Iowa liquor businesses to manufacture in sealed cans. A committee amendment would make the bill effective upon enactment.
[1/30: 13-1 (No: Celsi; Excused: Zaun)]

SSB 3056 – Disinterment permits for cremated remains

SSB 3056 clarifies the Code regarding cremated remains. An Administrative Rule (ARC 4849C) would have exempted cremated remains from the requirement that a permit be issued for relocation of remains from the original site if the purpose is autopsy or burial. ARC 4849C would have gone into effect upon the adjournment of the 2020 session if the Legislature did not act on the rule.

The Legislature is acting with SSB 3056, which would allow cremated remains to be removed without restriction to autopsy or reburial. This bill is aimed at removing remains from cemeteries, but does not impact remains buried on private property because they do not have a public health burial permit.
[1/30: 14-0 (Excused: Zaun)]

SSB 3072 – Repealing consumer protections regarding travel agencies

SSB 3072 repeals the requirement that travel agencies be registered with the Secretary of State’s Office (SOS). Annual cost to register with the SOS is $15. It also repeals a requirement that a travel agency has a surety bond that offers consumer protection. The SOS office testified they are contacted by law enforcement multiple times a year on behalf of customers that have lost money due to bad actors in the travel industry or were harmed by a travel agency. The surety bond information on file at the SOS helps law enforcement ensure that an aggrieved customer can recoup their losses.
[1/30: 9-5 (No: Democrats; Excused: Zaun)]