“The time for half-hearted public relations gestures is over.”

Senator Quirmbach

State Senator Herman Quirmbach
News Release: August 27, 2020

“Governor Reynolds’ proclamation today closed bars in six counties, including Story County. Her action is an appropriate response, in part, to the irresponsible mass student parties of the last several weeks.

“However, it is also in part an admission of the failure of her earlier response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Reynolds’ refusal to listen to medical experts has contributed to the spread of COVID-19, leading to increasing death and disease and making it harder to restart both Iowa’s economy and Iowa’s schools on a sustainable basis.

“Governor Reynolds opened the state too fast, failed to set a good example, and continues to prevent good decision-making by local authorities.

“I call on Governor Reynolds to step up and meet the challenge of this moment. If we are to avoid further backward steps that will revisit the economic damage of this spring, she must at minimum immediately issue a statewide order for the use of masks in public.

“If she lacks the courage to do so, then she should allow local authorities to make the tough decisions for their own communities and schools.

“The time for half-hearted public relations gestures is over.”